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Sanskrit Pro-B/SMSL 2015 newest bluetooth audio DAC

Publish: 2017-01-14  Views: 10825

SMSL launched "Sanskrit pro-B "Bluetooth audio DAC with high end features.It is available to sell now!

We also will launch Sanskrit pro PHA(headphone amplifier) and Sanskrit pro LPS(power supply) on August 2015.

SMSL Sanskrit Pro-B AK4490EQ PCM32Bit/384Khz and DSD CM6632A USB Asynchronous Bluetooth 4.0


Sanskrit pro-B featured with optical,coaxial,USB and bluetooth input.Superior performance,light cabinet,Decoding DSD which provide audiophile with high quality audio enjoyment and convenient usage.Sanskrit pro-B born from CM6632A and AK4490EQ perfect match


Asynchronous USB audio solution adopt CM6632A as receiver chip which can achieve high- spend transmission of original DSD file.Core decoding part uses with the newest AK4490EQ chip from AKM company,which most support to PCM32bit/384kHz and DSD128 decoding.Sanskrit pro-B almost get the highest features and specification.


Sanskrit pro-B build with 4.0version bluetooth module.SNR reach to 98dB which is the highest in 

bluetooth audio DAC.Lossless APT-X audio transmission is based on digital audio compression algorithm of ADPCM(SB-ADPCM) technology.

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