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S.M.S.L M6 32bit 384KHZ Audio DAC with headphone AMP

Publish: 2017-01-14  Views: 11673

SMSL brand is belongs to Shenzhen Shuangmusanlin Electronics Co.,Ltd  which specialized in superior Audio DAC,headphone amplifier,Digitalamplifier,and production and sales together,and which rely on experience of researched superior Audio DAC and headphone amplifier many years,beginning of this year we already successively recommended M8,VA2,and V2 etc,then resently,we will recommend a superior support 32bit 384KHZ decoder analog outputand cost performance DAC headphone AIO——M6.

M6 is SMSL’s new product which has superior hardware performance,flexible rocker operate,clear display screen,light cabinet,and a variety of input andoutput jacks which digital input includes USB,opticaland coaxial which output includes RCA analog output and 6.35 headphone jacks.

Beginning of 2015,SMSL published a name of V2 and DAC headphone AIO,and later,we also published a similar product being M6,however,maybemany people very concern about difference between M6 and V2.And about three months,M6 contrast with V2,infact,this is not a improve version or upgrade versionwhich are two difference series,M6 adopt a decode performance and multiple function headphone AIO,and V2is emphasising on headphone amplifier and V2 is a DAC with headphone amplifier AIO.But on the function,M6 and V2 have many differences.

On the configuration aspect,M6’s package and accessories which have a CD,a USB,(not includes 6.35 and 3.5 convert plug in the picture),and a power adapter.


On the appearance aspect,M6 and V2 both are very light,but M6’s appearance is bigger than V2,and M6’s color is various,black,silver and golden,and black M6 seems as very serious,solemn and specialized.Moreover,according to the front of faceplate,on the operate,difference between M6 and V2,such as voice control,V2 adopt knob tocontrol physical volume,and M6 adopt through leftrocker,and it depends on the way of digital to control volume.

We should pay attentionto M6’s left rocker,except volume control,it also can able to as input and output mode switch,and control to turn on and off,it belongs tohigh integration,and the way of flexible operate.And through control rocker,and after input and output mode switch,and through in the middle of display screen to display,this is MINI screen,except display USB,optical and coaxial input,and except headphone jacks switch,in the middle of display screen also display sampling rate,thisis very clear.


 M6 and V2 all get analog output and USB input which can seen from machine back panel.But M6 get one more coaxial inputjack to convinient more series digital output equipments and provide morematches and DIY play.

And M6 and V2 both haveoptical jacks,but M6’s optical jack is input,but V2 is output and which performance is very difference and because the difference customer orientation between M6 and V2.


Reality listening test:On the listening test,we adopt soundbox andheadphone to test which former adopt ISC,and the latter adopt HD600,Philips SHP9000,DN2000Jetc,at the same time,and also can collocate with different headphone to test.



If M6 will as decode collocate with ISC soundbox,and compare M6 with V2,M6’s volume is very light,comfortable and suitable,and M6’volume tend to balanced,while the balanced volume will contribute to entirety sets’s entirety improve,it does not break off.On the decode performance,M6 is more light,clear and distinct,and listening to various music,it can ableto feel very individual and very soulful.And used M6’s headphone jack,we can fell M6 being a quiet and warm Audio,and it processes volume of very comfortable .


On the high frequency:M6 is more suitable for loudspeaker,whether when use soundbox or headphone,we also can feel M6 ismore suitable for loudspeaker,and at same time,under the dynamic range,this detail is very abundant,it is not seems as stiff,and it made you suitable and the transition of coherent.

On the middle frequency:M6 seems as neutral and warm,and M6’s whole volume form is very abundant,and collocate with different headphone,and it made us feeling M6 are expression and explosiveness.This expression and explosiveness,and listening to piano solo or listening to voice,you can feel well,the volume are abundantlayer.

On the low frequency:M6’s sound quality,resolution both belongs to superior,and specially collocate with soundbox system.Entirety processes very well control,dynamic and transient expression,and especially when use headphone,you will feel very elastic.

On theheadphone output:Though in the part of  the most powerful M6 is decode performance,but headphone output as well not weakness,when collocate with HD600,SHP9000 big headphone etc,high frequency and sound quality have much advantages,and listening is very broaden,whether high resistance HD600or low resistance SHP9000,both can rein.

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